Here I will try to capture the many actions I perform on my own system utilizing a FREE virtualization software. Proxmox is not only free, it’s open-source and has great documentation. There’s huge community support on the web for virtually anything you can think of. No subscriptions, no fees, support if and where you can. After having used virtualization software, I’ve found my home with Proxmox. 



Security Onion & Proxmox SPAN Port

After a couple of weeks, I’ve been able to solve the Proxmox & Security Onion SPAN port mystery.


Security Onion & VMware ESXI 6.7 SPAN Port

If you’re looking for Cisco’s port mirroring, you likely have some form of a managed switch. Currently, I


Proxmox VM Import

Recently, I discovered that I was unable to find clear documentation on Proxmox VM Import of various types