My name is Sam, and I’m a Cyber Network Defender, currently working in a SOC, of sorts. My job role includes a range of activities from, Incident Response, Threat Management, Log Analysis, Risk Management, Cyber Awareness, Vulnerability Assessments, Information Assurance, installation, and configuration of security applications. I love my job, even when it gets crazy. I’m always challenged and it never gets old.

In my free time, I love to spend time with my family. When I’m not engaging with my kids in their own personal challenges, struggles, and discussions, I’m in my lab, breaking something.

Information found within this site can generally be found elsewhere on the internet. My goal is to simply document my process and have fun while doing it.



reach me here: cmFuZG9taGVyb0BiZXlvbmR0aGVvcnkuaW8=